Mirror Head

Mirror Head revolutionizes the Dynamic Projection. Promote yourself.

Whether you use projections for retail, exhibitions, presentations, big scale building projections, art or other applications, the projections can be moved up, down, left and right to reach certain angles that are not in the projection range for statically positioned projectors.

With the possibility to move projections from one position to another, Dynamic Projection Institute guarantees highly accurate positioning to achieve state-of-the-art projection installations. Static projection belongs to the past. The journey into a new visual experience begins here!





Nothing is more inspiring than the amazement. For the creative and technical minds.

The Mirror Head has no limitations with regard to the type of customer or industry. Our technology paves the way to unprecedented possibilities in lighting, projection and interior design. Usually if you only have a projector you will be limited to one single projection position, but by using the Mirror Head as a tool, you can achieve much more and reach several projection positions.

Most importantly, by using moving projections you can guide clients to the right spot in your location, specifically where you would like them to see a tailored promotion or sales offer. Note that any message can easily be changed to individually customize the projection to target specific customers.

With a dynamic big scale projection, you are offering a new and modern form of entertaining with an “XXL wow effect” that will impress all audiences and allow you to truly use the world as your stage.



Mirror Head


Mirror Head






The modular powerpack. The Mirror Head fits on almost any projector.

The Mirror Head is an add-on for your projector. It is a high-tech digitally operated mirror that you mount to your projector to project content onto any surfaces (e.g. objects, walls, floors, ceilings). It is also important to note that the Mirror Head is produced in Austria and is extendable to almost any projector from 3K up to 40k brightness.










Future Projections

In the future companies in all industries will have to use new technologies to promote their products and services. The Mirror Head is a perfect tool using new technologies.