Implementation in a Light Showroom.

This use of the Dynamic Projection is a Teaser that conveys the impression of exclusiveness of international premium-design-manufacturers. It serves as a bridging until the official opening of the Showroom. The projected objects can be interchanged continuously.

For this installation are in use three Mirror Head with a 5000 ANSI Lumens HD projector each and two MDC – Media Console.
Location: Linexa Anstalt B2B Showroom, Die Schützenwiese, 9451 Kriessern, Switzerland.

Mirror Head puts Giacometti in the limelight

Dynamic Projection Institute and the Leopold Museum Vienna worked close together within the framework of the "Giacometti, Pionier der Moderne" exhibition. The Mirror Head and the Media Console – MDC have been installed in the Leopold Museum Vienna and have been operating until the 26th January 2015.

Location: Leopold Museum Vienna, Museumsplatz 1, A -1070 Vienna

Application in a Museum

This installation was done for the Lange Nacht der Museen Event in the Vienna Leopold Museum to promote the Giacometti exhibition,, which is open till January 26th. This video demonstrates the "black when move function". Whenever the mirror is turning, the video is set to black. In use are two Mirror Head, each 4000 ANSI Lumens HD projectors and one MDC-X1-V2, Media on demand control – our media server.

Location: Leopold Museum Vienna, Museumsplatz 1, A -1070 Vienna

Applications of a fashion boutique

This Video shows the application of the Mirror Head in the showroom of a fashion boutique. Videos as well as Information portraying the products are transported to the clients through dynamic projections.

Location: Boutique Chegini, Kohlmarkt 7, A-1010 Wien

Application in a Shoe Shop

This Video shows the application of the Mirror Head in a Night Display. Passersby are surprised by pavement projections, which call their attention on the products exposed in the shop.
Location: United Nude Vienna, Neubaugasse 12, 1070 Wien

Application at an Interior Designer’s

This Video indicates how the Mirror Head is integrated in a Showroom. Textiles are projected in any dimension and can be adjusted or interchanged continually, surprising the passersby and clients.
Location: Firma Kohlmaier GmbH, Neubaugasse 32, 1070 Wien

Application in the Product Presentation

Objects are shaped with a new surface design and product variations can be demonstrated with virtual light. The interface can also conserve its mere hands-on nature. For this set up two Mirror Heads are employed.