The Mirror Head is as versatile as the number of commercial projectors. It fits on.

You know: Mirror Head and MDC-X Media Server match your projector and work with it “plug and play”.
Compatibility of Mirror Head and any type of projector is our aim. We work hard on it. If you cannot find your preferred projector in our list, please let us know. We will first check if it matches. If it does not, we will adapt the Mirror Head to your projector: Nearly every modern projector can be used together with Mirror Head.

Projector compatibility table

To search for a projector or vendor please use the search field on the top right of the table. The search will be executed while you start typing. All fields will be searched. If you do not find your model in the list please contact us for further compatibility information!
Version 21. October 2019

Mirror Head Datasheets for selected models

Mirror Head Item Number Datasheet Download
MH08-L MH08-415L Mirror Head Optoma 415 Series
MH08-L MH08-VI09L Mirror Head Vivitek D9 Series
MH08-L MH08-VI08L Mirror Head 08 Vivitek D8 Series
MH08-L MH08-L Mirror Head NEC-P Series
MH09-L MH09-L Mirror Head Optoma 505 Series
MH09-L MH09-515L Mirror Head Optoma 515 Series
MH09-L MH09-L Mirror Head Vivitek D5000 Series
MH09-L MH09-L Mirror Head Digital Projection 4500
MH09-L MH09-RZ47L Mirror Head 09 Panasonic PT-RZ470 / RZ370 Series
MH09-L MH09-EB6L Mirror_Head_Epson_EB-L600 Series
MH10-L MH10-L Mirror Head NEC PA Series
MH10-L MH10-L Mirror Head NEC P525UL
MH11-L MH11-650L Mirror Head Optoma ZU650 / 750 / 850 / 1050
MH11-L MH11-L Mirror Head Panasonic PT-RZ670 & PT-DZ870 Series
MH11-L MH11-L Mirror Head 11 Panasonic PT-RZ970 / 770 / 670 / 660 Series
MH11-L MH11-L Mirror Head Vivitek D6800 Series
MH11-L MH11-EBL1L Mirror Head Epson EB-L1000U Series
MH11-L MH11-F65L Mirror Head 11 Sony VPL-FH Series
MH11-L MH11-L Mirror Head 11 Christie GS Series 555 / 599 / 630 / 635
MH11-L MH11-L Mirror Head 11 Digital Projection E-Vision Laser 8500
MH11-L MH11-L Mirror Head 11 NEC PX Series PX602WL / PX602UL / PX700W / PX750U / PX800X / PX803UL / PX1004UL / PX1005QL
MH11-L MH11-C70L Mirror Head Canon XEED WUX7000Z Series
MH12-L MH12-L Mirror Head NEC P502HL
MH12-L MH12-VZ57L Mirror Head Panasonic PT-VZ570 Series
MH13-L MH13-L Mirror Head Panasonic PT-DZ680 & PT-DZ780 Series
MH13-L MH13-G7L Mirror Head 13 EPSON EB-G7000 Series
MH13-L MH13-L Mirror Head 13 Panasonic PT-RZ570 Series
MH13-L MH13-L Mirror Head 13 Panasonic PT-MZ670 Series
MH14 MH14 Mirror Head 14 Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 / RZ21K / RQ13K / RZ12K Series
MH15 MH15 Mirror Head 15 Panasonic PT-DZ13K / DZ110X / DZ8700 Series
MH16 MH16 Mirror Head 16 Christie M Series
MH17 MH17 Mirror Head 17 Panasonic PT-RZ970 / PT-RZ770 / PT-RZ670 Series
MH18 MH18 Mirror Head 18 Panasonic PT-RZ31K / PT-RS30K / PT-RQ32K Series
MH19 MH19 Mirror Head 19 NEC PA653UL
MH20 MH20 Mirror Head 20 Christie Roadster J Series
MH21 MH21 Mirror Head 21 Christie Boxer Series
MH24 MH24 Mirror Head 24 Panasonic MZ670 / MZ770 Series
MH26 MH26 Mirror Head 26 Epson EB-L1000 Series
MH29 MH29 Mirror Head 29 BARCO UDX Series
MH30 MH30 Mirror Head 30 BARCO F80 Series