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JCD is the missing link between projectors and the modern IoT and interactive systems standards.

JCD Manuals and Updates

Version 1.11 Changelog
    * Christie GS series, Christie HS series, Canon WUX Z series, Barco UDX series

    * Internal enhancements
    * Test pattern command for Epson

New feature: JCD Scheduler
The scheduler is able to do time based commands for the projector and across the network for other JCD devices or MQTT able devices.

    * configuration in expert config tab
    * prefix cmd with '@' to publish to MQTT broker
    * scheduler info added to welcome page

md5sum 681761032c00f3526728c26bf9435c19  jcd-update-1.11.zip
JCD features an easy-to-use update mechanism that requires a USB pen drive and an update package (a ZIP file), which will be
available for download at http://www.dynamicprojection.com/jcd-support/.

To install an update, simply download the update package (named “jcd-update-xxx.zip”) and extract its contents onto
an empty USB pen drive. The pen drive must be FAT32 formated. Remove the drive safely and plug it into one of the USB 
ports on the control unit, the update will then automatically start, which is indicated by the JCD Status changing to 
“UPDATING“. Please wait around a minute for the update to finish. After the update has finished, the web interface will 
automatically reload and the new version number should be visible on the “Welcome & Help” tab.
NOTE: If your current setup is working correctly, it is not recommended to update the system.

JCD Manual

JCD Connection example


JCD DMX fixture for QLC+ / Art-Net control

(Must be installed into the QLC fixture directory!)

If you do not have a Art-Net software/desk you can use the QLC+ Art-Net control software. Download from here: http://www.qlcplus.org/

JCD ArtNet control examples

Supported Projector Commands

  • Please note that the projector itself must support the specific function – please check the manual of your specific projector model!
  • Commands starting with “JCD” are JCD internal functions.
  • Download the full compatibility chart: JCD Projector compatibility 1.11 download