The perfect virtual companion.
Interactive, social and entertaining.

Did you ever imagine a penguin welcoming you while you enter a shop? Could you imagine being guided by a new kind of virtual personal assistant through a museum? Well, there are some new dynamic projection ideas out there worth sharing with you!

Matsuko, a Slovakian based creative studio, got in touch with us after seeing the “Gallery Invasion” video. They immediately got convinced of the fact that they would be able to use the Mirror Head to create games and mixed reality experiences. The company brings together a group of creative gamers, programmers, designers and technology enthusiasts under the lead of Matus Kirchmayer who has more than fifteen years of experience with 3D, A.I. and online programming.

Being on a continuous look out for new hardware, Matsuko tries to integrate state-of-the-art technology to bring video games and animations into the real world, furthermore into retail and other commercial applications. The tools manufactured by Dynamic Projection Institute caught their attention and since they usually use pre-prepared animations, moving the projections around on several surfaces by integrating the Mirror Head adds value to creating new display methods.

At the time when they first heard of the Mirror Head, Matsuko was already working on a concept where animated penguins could work for museums and the retail industry. More precisely, the concept was that a penguin could become a virtual tour guide or personal shop assistant. The ideal locations, applications, would be in museums and shops where for example a group of visitors would be guided through an entire exhibition or in a shop where clients would enter to be welcomed by a virtual assistant.

“In the case of a virtual receptionist, it will not always be a penguin,” says Peter Urban, Product Manager at Matsuko. He also mentions that other animated characters will be developed in the long-run to reach other target audiences. “We are applying artificial intelligence to create personalized interactive companions that can communicate naturally with humans and assist them.”

Currently in the retail industry, every shop would be interested in such a concept because these smart companions are virtual robots with holographic bodies. Instead of a penguin, you could imagine being welcomed by an animated character that could also look cartoon-like. As Matsuko works directly with the end-users as well as offers their services through their partner companies, they are also able to provide custom-built concepts and characters to match all client needs.

If you are looking for a partner to bring augmented reality to your museum or shop, we strongly recommend getting in touch with the team as they will be able to recommend an ideal solution for you to integrate our tools in your environment.

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