Simulation Software

Mirror Head Showroom Simulation

The Mirror Head Showroom Simulation application gives you the possibility to experience and test all of the amazing Mirror Head projection capabilities in a simple but powerful showroom environment.
Learn how the projection moves around, change the projected media, test the various ways of mounting the Mirror Head and get a feeling on how the projection works on different surfaces.
The showroom can easily be adjusted by width, height and depth and offers various kinds of wall textures.  For those of you who want the full experience we also have a full VR version available.

Latest Version is 1.0rc2, Mai 2022

Windows: Download and unzip. Start by clicking the EXE file. If the systems prompts for installing additional runtime libraries please follow the instructions and agree.
MacOS: Download and open the package. Start by clicking the APP file. At least Version 11.x (BIG SUR) is required to run this application.

Your studio or show pre visualized

If you want your studio, installation or showroom simulated with the Mirror Head feel free to contact us. We will help and guide you in the pre-visualization process to make your installation a perfect eye catcher even before its real.

In addition we also offer the latest technology for realtime VR and AR pre-visualization and experience.