MDC-X Media Server.
Media on Demand Control: Your Mirror Head is ready for use.
It just takes a few simple steps to create perfectly designed perspective projection mappings, picture-in-picture presentations and animations or just to do simple cropping and alignments using your own media content!

On demand, the tasks of your commercial campaigns or corporate communication can be individually assembled. No matter where the input comes from, the content can easily be transferred to the Mirror Head for projection. Images and videos can freely be arranged on the screen using projection maps.

The MDC-X Media Server is a state of the art combination of hardware and software to control the Mirror Head, media content and other output devices.

The MDC Controlling Software offers functions such as: media manipulation, geometric corrections, seamless transformations, presets and DMX / Art-NetTM control. All these function can be used at the same time and in real time for a wide range of creative development and production applications.

In addition to the MDC Controlling Software, the MDC-X Media Server offers built-in functionalities like time scheduled shows, show automatization, remote control, the MDC-Touch, as well as, interfaces for OSC, DMX / Art-NetTM and other standard signal compatibilities.

MDC-Touch allows the user to remotely control the MDC-X Media Server playback engine using any device that has a browser (e.g. smartphones, tablets or desktop computers). Importantly, turning a projector on and off can also be done using the touch screen of your device.

Mapping in real time.
Texture correction included.
The MDC-X is a scaling system, which means you can play on multiple projectors simultaneously. The MDC-X1 is for one HD output, the MDC-X2 is for two HD output. The time line-based key-frame editing allows you to any project place in the room to project a still or moving image and automate video and control processes. It can also be integrated into complex multimedia system, or it operates used as a single device using smart device. It understands all of your devices. That means for you maximum flexibility in the projection and in the operation.
  • - Mapping & morphed
  • - Timeline & Control
  • - MH syncronized   
  • - up to 2 HD outputs in real time
  • - supports Smart Devices

You are the creative one. The devices are the smart ones.

Using smart devices you can control basic functions through a simple but efficient user interface . Using the touchscreen from stop and go to complicated projection processes. The MDC has network capability - so there is the possibility for remote maintenance service. The MDC is synchronized by common control and regulation systems, functioning therefore in master-, as well as in slave mode.