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MDC / MDC-X Downloads, Documentation & FAQ

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MDC-X / MDC-Touch Manuals

MDC-X / MDC / MDC-Touch Updates

Download: MDC-X 89.6 Update (~320MB)– 22.11.2018/d3623b1 (md5sum: d1c1d9ad4588dc5d09461e683fbbe29c)

Install: Download the .deb package, copy it on to the MDC-X system and double click it; choose “install package”. You can find the password for the installation in the MDC-X QIG on page 15, same as for remote connections. After the installation has been finished you have to reboot the system! After the reboot you will find the version number directly on the MDC-Launcher Version Screenshot.

In order to be able to update to Version 89.6 you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Your MDC-X hardware must be at least a DH170 Series – see the serial number at the bottom of your device; it must start with DH170******* . 32bit systems (DS81/DS87)are no longer supported.
  • You have to have at least the update MDC-X Update Version 89-2016-08-05 installed (password for the zip: mdcxupdate). If your system was bought after Sep 2016 you should be able to update to the latest version without any troubles.
  • Every version above 89.1 is able to update directly to the latest version. You will find your version at the login screen of MDC-Touch in the lower left corner or on the status page of MDC-Touch at the lowest left corner of the page.
  • WARNING: Do not update a working system/installation unless you have to. Lots of new features and settings can change the appearance of your installation; or even break it.
Package 89.06 changelog

    Overhaul of texts and lables
    improofed setup page
    Better status information
    Fixed minor issues

MDC-OS / Launcher:

    RS232 Input and Output
    Easy Audio extract for media
    Improved Art-Net backend
    Mirror Heads will always be turned (Motors/LED) on when a project/show starts.
    Fixes of minor issues


    Big performance boost
    Fixed stability issues
    Removed deprecated FX backend
    New "Live Mode"/"Preview Mode" (F9) in the UI
    Edit mode toggle (F8)
    improved media handling
    Improved perspective mode 

MDC Trial Version for Windows 7/8/10 (32/64bit)

Mirror Head DMX fixture for QLC+

MDC-X DMX fixture for QLC+

Mirror Head ArtNet control examples



MDC-X FAQ – MDC-X ? MDC ? MDC-Touch ? What is what?

General MDC-X FAQ

MDC Control Software offers key features such as: Media manipulation, geometric corrections, seamless transformations, Show Presets and DMX / Art-Net control. Images and videos can easily be arranged on screen using projection maps. Customers can create perfectly designed perspective projection mappings, picture-in-picture presentations and animations or just do simple cropping and alignment using their own media content. The show engine is controlled by a Timeline and/or Presets. Remote show control is also possible using OSC or DMX (DMX remote control is not available under Win32)
The MDC-X Media Server is a state of the art combination of hardware and software (MDC Control Software) to control the Mirror Head Out of the box, our system is ready-to-use. We offer customers an industry approved highly optimized Linux Operating System. Commercial campaigns or corporate communication tasks can individually and creatively be assembled into shows using the MDC-X Media Server. With the MDC-X Media Server, content can easily and readily be transferred to the Mirror Head for projection, no matter where the input comes from. Built- in functions include: show automatization, a time scheduler, remote control options and many more.
MDC-Touch allows customers to remotely control the MDC-X Media Server using any device that has a browser (e.g. smartphones, tablets or desktop computers). No installation of any software or application is needed. With one click, customers can start and stop shows as well as playlists. Customers can have previews of all media content with thumbnails. Turning a projector on and off can also be done using the MDC-Touch.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!