MDC-X / MDC / MDC-Touch Downloads & Documentation

MDC-X / MDC / MDC-Touch Downloads & Documentation

On this page you will find all of the latest updates and information for the MDC software, the MDC-X mediaserver and the MDC-Touch webinterface.

Additional content and information for programmers can be found at the end of the page. If you have questions feel free to ask.

Latest MDC-X update package - get the latest features !

WARNING: This is ONLY for generation 9000 systems! If your MDC-Launcher shows a Version number smaller than 9000 or no version number at all you have to install the factory image - see below.

Installation Instuctions:

  • Download the .deb package, copy it on to the MDC-X system and double click it; choose “install package”. You can find the password for the installation in the MDC-X manual in section "Updating the MDC-X server system" (~page 19).
  • After the installation has been finished you have to reboot the system TWICE! After the reboot you will find the version number directly on the MDC-Launcher Version Screenshot.

MDC-X Update package v9005 - October 2019

This is the latest version of the MDC-X software. ( md5: e72a54495325f5788d267fe282739306 ). Changelog at the end of the page.

MDC-X factory image - for resetting the MDC-X

With this installation you will reset your MDC-X to the latest factory default installation.

*** PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY *** We recommend using the upgrade/restore service we offer; for more information please contact our office. 

The installation system works only with MDC-X hardware models with serial numbers starting with (see the backside of the MDC-X): DS81…. , DS87…., DH170…. or DH370….

Please download the image-package, unzip it and read the installation manual.

MDC-X Factory Image - Patchlevel v9005

This is the whole server image for reinstallation

MDC-X VirtualBox image - for training, evaluation and development

This is a VirtualBox appliance. With this appliance it is possible to run/simulate a MDC-X media server under any host operating system that is able to run VirtualBox. The main purpose of this system is for training, evaluation and development for the MDC-X server.


Please download the image-package, unzip it and read the installation manual. You need the VirtualBox software to run the appliance: 

MDC-X VirtualBox appliance

This is the MDC-X appliance for the VirtualBox

Additional Downloads and Information

MDC-X BIOS and Hardware Information

Package for all MDC-X generations. This includes BIOS updates, BIOS manuals and Hardware Information

Media Package

Free to use media package for non-commercial use.

Creative Commons License

MDC Windows Training Version

This is a Windows port of the MDC software. *** THIS VERSION IS DEPRICATED AND LEFT FOR LEGACY REASONS ***

Training and Demos

On our YouTube channel you will find lots of training and show material

For Developers

Visit our GitHub repository for the latest code and API examples

Community & News

Visit our Facebook page for the latest annoucements

Featured Videos from our YouTube channel

Changelog for the latest MDC-X release

Version 9005 changelog:
* Fixed NoMachine Resolution issues
* Resolution Support for DQ170 Models
* Updated MDC-X Art-Net fixture
* New DMX fixtures for DPI products
* Experimental Web File Manager
* New MDC Version MDC V1 - Rev 2019-09-24 12:40 (4baefaa) - various minor enhancements
* MDC-Touch enhancements for launch control, mirror movement and output preview
* New set of testpatterns in Videos/
* Sample sound files in Music/
* New MDC-Launcher features: DMX workbench and change for desktop backgrounds
* Generic OSC can now be enabled/disabled
* Updated QLC fixtures
* MDC now always starts in play mode when in programming mode
* Added scheduler templates
* More information in sysinfo.txt and log dumps
- You MUST reboot TWICE after the installation!

Previous Version v9004:

MDC-X-Software-9004  and MDC-X-System-Installer-9004