The Wizard of Oz – Mirror Head Takes Centre Stage

The Wizard of Oz – Experience the magic of the Mirror Head

The Wizard of Oz at Leeds Playhouse. Photographs by Other Richard.

The Mirror Head MH11L takes centre stage in Simon Wainwright’s video design for the extremely successful Wizard of Oz at Leeds Playhouse. The production has run from the 20th of November 2019 and closes on the 25th of January a run of over 60 performances.

Wizard of Oz was the first show in the newly refurbished Quarry Theatre. The story required a range of video sequences that needed to move around the stage or appear in a variety of locations within the set.

Thanks to the Mirror Head MH11, provided by Polestar Productions, paired with a Panasonic PT-RZ12K fully controlled by a Disguise video server allowing total integration into the video and Lighting design. The crew of the Wizard of Oz was able to use the dynamic projection range to create fascinating effects for the iconic moments of the play: The yellow brick road was moving with the actors, the Tornado took Dorothy to the land of Oz and the head of the Wizard made its breathtaking appearance in the Emerald City.

Backstage shots by Polestar Productions.