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Wadden Sea Center. Dynamic Culture.

Wadden Sea Center. Dynamic Projection in the cultural scene.


No Parking Production has implemented quite an incredible example of what the Mirror Head Technology could do to promote museums and culture in general.

Thanks to the wide projection range of the Mirror Head, the whole exhibition room could display bits of history for the guests of the Wadden Sea Center – from the first viking settlers to modern day tourism, the whole historical evolution of the region was depicted in dynamic animated projections. The visuals were accompanied by an audio composition, guaranteeing an immersive family friendly journey through culture and history.

Wadden Sea Center
Wadden Sea Center


No Parking Production is a multimedia agency based in Denmark, specialised, among other things, in large scale prototyping. They created a comprehensive new cultural exhibition for the Wadden Sea Center to give back its vibrance to history.

New Taipei City Library goes Dynamic!

New Taipei City Library goes Dynamic! – 動態投影繪本故事屋

Story house of Tomorrow.

Follow the Emerald Tree Frog and the Book Monster footsteps, roam the beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural landscapes around New Taipei City and lead everyone to travel all over New Taipei City in one day. The “Story house of Tomorrow” is presented in a theatrically dynamic projection technology. The audience can not only enjoy the story animation but also interact with the protagonists in the dynamic projection of the scenery.

Animated Story – The Mirror Head technology coupled with a static projection guarantees for a beautiful experience without leaving the room.

Client: New Taipei City Library, Taiwan
Artwork by Bright Ideas for Life 

Strange days in London. A Pipilotti Rist Installation.

Strange days in London – A Pipilotti Rist Installation



As part of the Strange Days exhibition that is currently taking place at the Store X on the Strand London, our local partner in the United Kingdom, Polestar Productions was asked to provide Mirror Head units, Media Servers and technical as well as programming support to host Pippilotti Rist´s “4th Floor to Mildness” video installation. The full exhibition hosts 21 international artists and film-makers with the purpose of discussing the role that sound and music plays in bringing them all together.

Prior to the exhibitions opening in October, Polestar liaised with the Artist’s Studio and Designer to facilitate the resulting two days of programming. In the video “Installation”, you will get a glimpse of some behind the scene footage of the entire process that will also give you a small insight into the attention and details required in the presentation of the work of an internationally recognized video artist.

Visitors who may wish to experience the finished piece directly at the Store X will be able to do so until the 9th of December 2018.

Equipment used:
Mirror Head MH11-L
Panasonic PT-DZ780, RZ970
Green Hippo Karst+ media server.

The absolute luminary out now!  Watch out for our latest show reel.

The Mirror Head is an add-on for your projector. It is a high-tech digitally operated mirror that you mount to your projector to project content onto any surface (e.g. objects, walls, floors, ceilings).

Whether you use projections for exhibitions, presentations, big scale building projection, retail, art or other applications, the projections can be moved up, down, left and right to reach certain angles that are not in the projection range for statically positioned projectors.

With the possibility to move projections from one position to another, Dynamic Projection Insitute guarentees highly accurate positioning to achieve state-of-the-art projection installations.

Many thanx to Gümix for the wonderful music: GÜMiX & SHANTi ROOTS FT. JESSKITTY MY WORDS


Yola Yolart

Linexa Anstalt

Habegger GmbH

4youreye ProjectionArt

Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH

Martin Willner und Sebstian Lobendanz

Leopold Museum Vienna

Prof. Hans Hoffer

Reverie Trading Group Ltd –

Sony Europe Ltd. –

Takenaka Co Ltd

Austrians revolutionize the art of Dynamic Projection.

The Mirror Head seen in the video is a high-tech mirror that is digitally operated and can move either rapidly or slowly to project pictures, videos and texts on any desired surface - whether it ́s moving or static. As you can notice, we chose to demonstrate several types of projections, with its proven high-level of performance the entire system provided by Dynamic Projection Institute guarantees accuracy when moving from one specific surface to another. We would like to remind you that the Mirror Head is a quality product manufactured in Austria.

The Mirror Head paves the way to so far unprecedented possibilities in light-design, projection and interior design.

Implementation in a Light Showroom.

This use of the Dynamic Projection is a Teaser that conveys the impression of exclusiveness of international premium-design-manufacturers. It serves as a bridging until the official opening of the Showroom. The projected objects can be interchanged continuously.

For this installation are in use three Mirror Head with a 5000 ANSI Lumens HD projector each and two MDC – Media Console.
Location: Linexa Anstalt B2B Showroom, Die Schützenwiese, 9451 Kriessern, Switzerland.

Mirror Head puts Giacometti in the limelight

Dynamic Projection Institute and the Leopold Museum Vienna worked close together within the framework of the "Giacometti, Pionier der Moderne" exhibition. The Mirror Head and the Media Console – MDC have been installed in the Leopold Museum Vienna and have been operating until the 26th January 2015.

Location: Leopold Museum Vienna, Museumsplatz 1, A -1070 Vienna

Applications of a fashion boutique

This Video shows the application of the Mirror Head in the showroom of a fashion boutique. Videos as well as Information portraying the products are transported to the clients through dynamic projections.

Location: Boutique Chegini, Kohlmarkt 7, A-1010 Wien

Application in a Shoe Shop

This Video shows the application of the Mirror Head in a Night Display. Passersby are surprised by pavement projections, which call their attention on the products exposed in the shop.

Location: United Nude Vienna, Neubaugasse 12, 1070 Wien

Application at an Interior Designer’s

This Video indicates how the Mirror Head is integrated in a Showroom. Textiles are projected in any dimension and can be adjusted or interchanged continually, surprising the passersby and clients.
Location: Firma Kohlmaier GmbH, Neubaugasse 32, 1070 Wien