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Museo Della Luce -Rome

An Illusion or Reality? Simply Light!


The Museo della luce, located within the historic Gesù House in Rome, is a hub for captivating and transformative experiences. In one of the unique installations, orchestrated by the multi-talented creative professional Simonas Šileika, known as “Guliveris,” a combination of historical artistry, innovation and cutting-edge projections. This case study explores the installation, the artist, the museum and the innovative technology behind it.

Simonas Šileika is a creative polymath renowned for his contributions to animation, video production, and graphic design. With a Motion Graphic Design studio since 2005, his expertise spans from 3D/2D animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Post-Production to CGI.

Within the Museum of Light, Simonas Šileika’s installation is in fact a family-driven effort, through a collaboration with his parents and sister. Using artificial intelligence, he has breathed new life into famous paintings, offering mesmerizing reinterpretations. Notably, Simonas has incorporated the lesser-known masterpiece “Cloud Boat” by Lithuanian artist Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, dating back to 1906 by making it travel through the entire room and being part of the story travelling through space and time.



What sets this installation apart is Simonas’s skillful creation of a 3D character – Pierrot, who animates both the building’s walls and the paintings themselves, blurring the lines between art and technology. At the essence of the installation lies the Mirror Head. The motorized digital mirror by Dynamic Projection Institute revolutionizes the way projections are experienced with the unique capability to dynamically move projections around the entire room. Simonas used its full potential, creating an unparalleled artistic spectacle.

The Mirror Head, serving as the artistic conductor of this transformative exhibition, brings paintings to life in previously unimaginable ways. By projecting images all around the room, it enhanced the immersive quality of the installation, captivating visitors from every angle. This integration of the Mirror Head exemplifies the boundless possibilities that emerge when technology and artistic vision meet.

“Our mission was to captivate visitors with animated projections on hanging artworks. Faced with the challenge of the exhibition’s vast dimensions, the conventional use of 6-8 projectors proved both costly and visually intrusive, potentially diluting the intended ‘wow’ effect. That’s when the Mirror Head by Dynamic Projection Institute emerged as the ideal solution. The mirror directs the projection to different positions, offering impressive flexibility. In trials, its remarkable reach on ceilings and side walls felt like directing a substantial tripod-mounted projector. This cutting-edge technology not only provided a cost-effective alternative but also delivered unmatched flexibility, ensuring an enchanting experience for future projects.” explains Simonas Šileika the artist and owner of Guliveris – motion design studio.



Situated in a historical palace, the Museum of Light invites visitors to embark on a captivating fusion of scientific exploration and artistic wonder. It boasts fascinating light installations, mind-bending illusions and an atmosphere that ignites curiosity and excitement. Spanning 1000m2, the museum’s exhibition space showcases the harmonious convergence of light art, optical wonders and world-changing inventions. The exceptional educational experience is further enriched by interactive entertainment, including drawing with light, crafting personalized light installations and unforgettable moments in a UV room.

The Museo della Luce, initiated by the Museum of Illusions team at UAB Tiesios Kreivės, is committed to creating captivating educational experiences. With a successful five-year operation in Vilnius, Lithuania, UAB Tiesios Kreivės has expanded by introducing franchise museums in different cities. Their franchise offering provides comprehensive support, including exhibit installation, team training, and ongoing consultations, making it easy for entrepreneurs to open a Museum of Illusions in their city. The brand represents quality, excellent service and a commitment to ongoing research and innovation in illusions and exhibits.



Simonas Šileika’s innovative use of the Mirror Head by Dynamic Projection Institute at the Museum of Light in Rome showcases a remarkable blend of artistry and technology. The installation, enriched by the artist’s creativity and the transformative capabilities of the Mirror Head, offers visitors a unique and unparalleled experience that redefines the boundaries between art and technology. A new era of artistic exploration and innovation starts here, where the power of technology enhances our appreciation of art in captivating ways!


Visit the Museo della luce / Museum of light and witness this extraordinary fusion of art and technology. Via d’Aracoeli, 6, 00186 Rome, Italy /

Simonas Šileika:

UAB Tiesios Kreivės / Museum of Illusions:

Jurassic Vienna


In the heart of Vienna, meet the Brachiosaurus, the Mosasaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. From VR Rides that transport you to the heart of the Jurassic period, to digital interactive exhibits that allow you to interact with the prehistoric animals, you’ll be fully immersed in the experience. Pushing the boundaries of innovation and storytelling, JURASSIC: The Immersive Experience, marks a historic milestone as the first of its kind worldwide.


Our innovative projection system, featuring six units of our cutting-edge ULS Mirror, serves as an essential part of this unprecedented display. Combining this mirror system with projectors brings the majestic figures of the prehistoric world to life with an unparalleled sense of vividness and realism.

Behind this visionary project is Markus Beyr, CEO of the internationally renowned ATTRAKTION! GmbH. With over 500 successfully implemented media-based attractions globally over the last two decades, Markus Beyr has significantly shaped the world of entertainment, leisure and retail markets.



“We added the ULS Mirror to our projectors and it helped us redefine the boundaries between reality and media, offering an unmatched immersive experience developed and designed in Austria. Collaborating with global experts, we have crafted an exhibition that pushes the limits of experiential entertainment,” explains exhibition organizer Markus Beyr.


Designed with families in mind, the experience offers a range of group activities that encourage parents and children to engage with the exhibits together.  Embark on an unforgettable journey and you’ll learn about the wonders of the prehistoric world while enjoying a unique storytelling experience.


The Mirror Head moves a living Amoeba.

The Mirror Head moves a living Amoeba. ENTANGLED RELATIONS—ANIMATED BODIES

In her most recent work, Sonja Bäumel aims to stimulate the cultural imagination by exploring the vital relationships and interconnections between human bodies and microorganisms. This performed and multisensory installation seeks to alter our perception of the human body’s boundaries and invites visitors to embody the human in a more-than-human world.

The Mirror Head by Dynamic Projection Institute is used as part of the creative process to project a real amoeba that overlays the installation and travels in the environment accompanied by sound transmitting the bubbling vitals of the microbial world.

Sonja Bäumel is an Austrian artist who works at the intersection of art, science, and technology. She is known for her multidisciplinary projects and artistic research which explores ‘the living’, the evolving perception of what bodies are made of. Her works often involve textiles, live bacteria and aims to challenge our understanding of the human body and its boundaries. Her installations have been exhibited internationally in museums, galleries and public spaces.



The installation ENTANGLED RELATIONS—ANIMATED BODIES, which is currently being shown in the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, was the official Austrian contribution to the 23rd Triennale di Milano International Exhibition 2022. Bäumel wanted to take other risks and thereby challenge herself by using as yet unused materials and techniques to create a mysterious and imaginary world and to conceptually oppose the seeming contradiction of life.

“We decided for the Triennale project to unsettle representations of static bodies by celebrating the ephemeral and the animated body through performance in a stage setting and by using the Mirror Head by Dynamic Projection Institute to create a lively movement and transformation in the installation. At the same time, we aimed to illuminate the collapse of static epidermic and trans-species boundaries, as an invitation to start exploring what it means to be multitudes,“ says Sonja Bäumel.



Magnified 40,000 times, a larger-than-life sculpture of an amoeba expands in multiple directions, linking piece by piece with the transparent fragments of a human figure riddled with microbial inclusions. The movement of the projection is pre-programmed and synchronized to perfectly fit the visual, the aural and tactile experience.

In combination as an overlay of the physical sculptures, a projection of a living amoeba by artist Wim van Egmond, moves slowly from one side of the room to the other by using the Mirror Head.

From a practical point of view, the Mirror Head allowed us in the exhibition room to use a single projector, as traditionally you would need several projectors to cover such a wide projection area,” says Sonja Bäumel.



The installation can be visited in the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna until the 30th of April 2023. On Saturday April 29 at 4 pm, Doris Uhlich will celebrate the ephemeral and the animated body through a performance followed by conversation ENTANGLED BODIES at 4.30 pm with the Artist.



Technical rider:

1x Panasonic PT-RCQ10

1x Mirror Head MH11

1x DPCC – Dynamic Projection Control Center

2x Ultrasonic – Acouspade Classic


Mythos Mozart


At the “MYTHOS MOZART” immersive experience, visitors can now get a glimpse of Mozart’s life in a unique way that combines music, architecture, performing arts and technology in an unforgettable multimedia installation.

“MYTHOS MOZART” covers more than 1500 square meters in the heart of Vienna where Mozart spent the last year of his life and composed some of his masterpieces such as the “The Magic Flute”, his “Clarinet Concerto” and the “Requiem”. Today, the internationally renowned STEFFL department store is located here.


During the interactive guided tour, visitors are transported into Mozart’s world in five different rooms. When entering the fifth room where the ULS Mirror is used, the “Magic Flute – Mozart Forever”, visitors go through a visual experience where Artificial intelligence creates fantastic new visual worlds to sounds of the “Magic Flute”, from images and millions of data on Mozart.

The space bridges the past through the present into a bright future. The spectrum ranges from poetic animations that take us back to the historical Vienna of 1791 to a contribution by LA-based new media artist Refik Anadol, who uses artificial intelligence to condense Mozart images and data into digital visual worlds.



In collaboration with PKE Electronics GmbH, Dynamic Projection Institute also played a part in creating this brand-new Viennese attraction by supplying the ULS Mirror used in combination with the Epson EB-PU2216B laser projectors.

With the limitations in space, a total of six ULS Mirror units are used to allow projections to reach other positions turning the floor into additional projection surfaces.


While in Vienna, we recommend to immerse yourself into Mozart´s world by visiting this 60-minute walking tour. It is best to book tickets in advance and plan the visit according to opening hours, click here ( ) for more info.


Technical rider for room 05 – “Magic Flute – Mozart Forever”:

14 units Epson EB-PU2216B

6 units ULS Mirror – ULS-MB-70S

Pixera Media Server

Dynamic Projection System meets Lego

Dynamic Projection System – Building a Lego Castle

Today, industrial assembly of large equipment is often organized as site assembly. Information is provided on paper or stationary PC-terminals and employees have to walk long distances to receive information. An augmented dynamic projection system allows direct display of work-instructions and interaction on the component. The paper presents the results of an evaluation of a dynamic projection system compared to state-of-the-art information provision.


Dynamic Projection Institute was present for an experiment using the spacial augmented reality system to build up a Lego castle. It is always with a certain pride that we discover all the possible applications of the Mirror Head.

“The ability to project work instructions anywhere within a large work area is a key component of industrial spatial augmented reality systems. We thus consider the mirror head system, developed by Dynamic Projection Institute, an enabler for interactive work instructions, driving future improvements and providing benefits for both workers and industry.”

Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Schlund, BMK Stiftungsprofessur für Industrie 4.0, TU Wien

Left to right: Hans Kueffner-McCauley BSc, Martin Willner, Head of Software Engineering and Thomas Kühne, Managing Director at Dynamic Projection Institute, Patrick Rupprecht, MSc MSc MA,.

Urban Safari

Urban Safari at the Lightfestival in Ghent – Skullmapping pulls the focus on extinct animals

The Festival lights up the city with 37 works by international light artists. The city’s nights became the backdrop for a surprising spectacle, ingenious installations, spectacular performances and beautiful events for over 800 000 visitors.

The artistic collective Skullmapping contributed to the festival with the well known King Sprong, projecting a giant gorilla on a building, and with a project called “Urban Safari”, pulling the focus of the visitors to extinct animals. A voice-over impersonated by an adventurer guides the observers and informs them about the animals in question.

“Over the years we’ve become known for our minimappings, but when the city of Ghent asked us to create a project to announce their upcoming lightfestival, we decided to make a massive gorilla climb a 90-meter-tall building!”  Antoon and Filip – Skullmapping


Technical rider:

Mirror Head MH14

Panasonic Laser PT-RZ21K

MDC-X2 Media Server



Concept by Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck
Written and directed by Filip Sterckx
3D animation and modeling by Paulina Zybinska
Additional animation by Filip Sterckx, Antoon Verbeeck and Birgit Sterckx
Voice actor Bart van der Heijden

The Masters Of The Renaissance.

The Masters Of The Renaissance. What would they do with a Mirror Head?


In collaboration with COFO Entertainment and United Motion Labs, we helped realize a concept that surprised visitors. During the exhibition that took place in Berlin, DIE GROSSEN MEISTER DER RENAISSANCE, we offered viewers a unique perspective on art and for them the possibility to experience art in a different form.

The collaboration aimed to honor the timeless masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Sandro Botticelli, and Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino in an innovative way, bringing century-old paintings into the modern age through mesmerizing projections.

For the first time, their most important master pieces could be experienced in one single place. The exhibition, held in the historic Parochial Church, presented around 60 high-quality reproductions of the Renaissance masters’ works.



The addition of media art installations by United Motion Labs and the use of the Mirror Head by Dynamic Projection Institute added an unexpected dimension to the experience.

Notably, the famous painting “Lady with an Ermine” by Leonardo da Vinci took on a dynamic transformation. The weasel within the painting came to life, climbed out of its confines, moved across the walls, explored its surroundings, and even engaged in painting the very walls it once decorated.


In the art installation “In The Breeze” the immersive experience unfolds as it extends the narrative of Sandro Botticelli’s renowned masterpieces: ‘The Birth of Venus,’ ‘Primavera,’ and ‘Mars and Venus.’ A harmonious and all-encompassing atmosphere connects these three mythological scenes, seamlessly intertwining them into a captivating visual symphony that serves as a dynamic projection playground for a graceful dance, evoking the ethereal essence of the Renaissance era.



Gerry Hahn from United Motion Labs expressed the collaborative goal: “Our aim was to create media art, which respects and honors these 4 great artists of the past and at the same time pushes the boundaries of live experience in an exhibition context by extending space and storytelling of these inspiring artworks.”



This innovative approach not only paid homage to the artistic giants but also added a layer of surprise and interactivity, providing visitors with a fresh and engaging perspective on the enduring legacy of Renaissance art.


23rd Triennale di Milano

ENTANGLED RELATIONS—ANIMATED BODIES Austria at the 23rd Triennale di Milano.

At La Triennale di Milano the installation “ENTANGLED RELATIONS—ANIMATED BODIES” by Sonja Bäumel, commissioned by the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, represents Austria’s official entry for the 23rd International Exhibition. 

The performed and multisensory installation by the artist Sonja Bäumel aims to stimulate the cultural imagination via the potential of microorganisms. Magnified 40,000 times, a larger-than-life sculpture of an amoeba expands in multiple directions, linking piece by piece with the transparent fragments of a human figure riddled with microbial inclusions. 



The dynamic projection of a real amoeba overlays the installation and is accompanied by sound transmitting the bubbling vitals of the microbial world. The installation will be brought to life by choreographer and performer Doris Uhlich on several occasions.


Considered as one of the world’s most important events in the field of design and architecture, the 23rd Triennale di Milano, currently taking place until the 11th of December 2022. The overall theme of this edition ”UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS. AN INTRODUCTION TO MYSTERIES” tries to answer a series of questions about what we still “don’t know we don’t know” in different topics: from the evolution of the cities to the oceans, from genetics to astrophysics. 


Technical rider:

Mirror Head MH11

Panasonic PT-RCQC10

DPCC – Extreme Media Server



Installation view of the Austrian Contribution ENTANGLED RELATIONS – ANIMATED BODIES to the 23rd Triennale Milano International Exhibition. An installation by Sonja Bäumel, commissioned and curated by the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna. Choreographer and performer Doris Uhlich © Gianluca Di Ioia/MAK




Space 220 Restaurant

A Dining Experience. Out of this World.

Imagine eating dinner or enjoying a cocktail while looking out the panorama windows to see our planet from above. The much-awaited Space 220 Restaurant in Epcot, Florida, offers this immersive experience to its visitors, since last September.


This planetary journey was only possible with a persistent, driven team – thanks to the AOA team for helping take guests to the stars!

In collaboration with our U.S. based partner, AOA, we are proud to have contributed to an interstellar effort with our technologies.

For over three years, AOA built “space” into a space station restaurant by developing the design, providing AV packages and managing all show related content.

Expo Dubai 2021 – World Exhibition

Expo 2020 Dubai. Austria makes sense!

The theme of the Expo 2020 is sustainability, mobility and opportunities with a focus on the world of tomorrow. With that in mind, under the Motto „Austria makes sense“ and „Reflection as a strategy“, Ars Electronica Solutions, Querkraft, bleed and Büro Wien worked together to no just talk about sustainable solutions, but live it. Inspired by the arabic wind towers, Querkraft designed a Pavillon unlike any other: composed of 38 domes made out of sand, no air conditioning needed there, the Austrians managed to use 70% less energy than the other Pavillons of the expo. The teams aimed for a peaceful and soothing place to leave a perfect impression of Austria.

For more information about the EXPO Dubai 2020 visit the official Website.

Inside the domes, the history of humanity is depicted by modern hieroglyphs. Not representing Austria through numbers and facts, but through feelings and sensations: The choice of simple symbols tells a story in a universal language – there is no need to invent anything new to solve the problems humanity is facing, the answer lies in our history. The visitors are guided by dynamic projections provided by several Mirror Head units inside the dome on the different glyphs.

„During the implementation, it was important for us to move away from static projections and to circumvent the limitation of the classic playable fixed projection surface. With the help of the Mirror Head units, we succeeded in animating the signs of the “world picture language” carved into the clay at various positions in the special cone shape and to let the animations move through the pavilion. The projection thus does justice to the dimensions of the pavillon and becomes a unique experience. Great visions need innovative products, and we are naturally pleased that we can fall back on products from Austria.“

Michaela Fragner, Senior Project Manager – Ars Electronica Solutions

We were very proud that several Mirror Head units were used to guide the visitors through the Austrian pavillon. For this very special occasion, we created an organic showcase model of the Mirror Head for display purposes.