Expo Dubai 2021 – World Exhibition

Expo 2020 Dubai. Austria makes sense!

The theme of the Expo 2020 is sustainability, mobility and opportunities with a focus on the world of tomorrow. With that in mind, under the Motto „Austria makes sense“ and „Reflection as a strategy“, Ars Electronica Solutions, Querkraft, bleed and Büro Wien worked together to no just talk about sustainable solutions, but live it. Inspired by the arabic wind towers, Querkraft designed a Pavillon unlike any other: composed of 38 domes made out of sand, no air conditioning needed there, the Austrians managed to use 70% less energy than the other Pavillons of the expo. The teams aimed for a peaceful and soothing place to leave a perfect impression of Austria.

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Inside the domes, the history of humanity is depicted by modern hieroglyphs. Not representing Austria through numbers and facts, but through feelings and sensations: The choice of simple symbols tells a story in a universal language – there is no need to invent anything new to solve the problems humanity is facing, the answer lies in our history. The visitors are guided by dynamic projections provided by several Mirror Head units inside the dome on the different glyphs.

„During the implementation, it was important for us to move away from static projections and to circumvent the limitation of the classic playable fixed projection surface. With the help of the Mirror Head units, we succeeded in animating the signs of the “world picture language” carved into the clay at various positions in the special cone shape and to let the animations move through the pavilion. The projection thus does justice to the dimensions of the pavillon and becomes a unique experience. Great visions need innovative products, and we are naturally pleased that we can fall back on products from Austria.“

Michaela Fragner, Senior Project Manager – Ars Electronica Solutions

We were very proud that several Mirror Head units were used to guide the visitors through the Austrian pavillon. For this very special occasion, we created an organic showcase model of the Mirror Head for display purposes.