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An Illusion or Reality? Simply Light!


The Museo della luce, located within the historic Gesù House in Rome, is a hub for captivating and transformative experiences. In one of the unique installations, orchestrated by the multi-talented creative professional Simonas Šileika, known as “Guliveris,” a combination of historical artistry, innovation and cutting-edge projections. This case study explores the installation, the artist, the museum and the innovative technology behind it.

Simonas Šileika is a creative polymath renowned for his contributions to animation, video production, and graphic design. With a Motion Graphic Design studio since 2005, his expertise spans from 3D/2D animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Post-Production to CGI.

Within the Museum of Light, Simonas Šileika’s installation is in fact a family-driven effort, through a collaboration with his parents and sister. Using artificial intelligence, he has breathed new life into famous paintings, offering mesmerizing reinterpretations. Notably, Simonas has incorporated the lesser-known masterpiece “Cloud Boat” by Lithuanian artist Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, dating back to 1906 by making it travel through the entire room and being part of the story travelling through space and time.



What sets this installation apart is Simonas’s skillful creation of a 3D character – Pierrot, who animates both the building’s walls and the paintings themselves, blurring the lines between art and technology. At the essence of the installation lies the Mirror Head. The motorized digital mirror by Dynamic Projection Institute revolutionizes the way projections are experienced with the unique capability to dynamically move projections around the entire room. Simonas used its full potential, creating an unparalleled artistic spectacle.

The Mirror Head, serving as the artistic conductor of this transformative exhibition, brings paintings to life in previously unimaginable ways. By projecting images all around the room, it enhanced the immersive quality of the installation, captivating visitors from every angle. This integration of the Mirror Head exemplifies the boundless possibilities that emerge when technology and artistic vision meet.

“Our mission was to captivate visitors with animated projections on hanging artworks. Faced with the challenge of the exhibition’s vast dimensions, the conventional use of 6-8 projectors proved both costly and visually intrusive, potentially diluting the intended ‘wow’ effect. That’s when the Mirror Head by Dynamic Projection Institute emerged as the ideal solution. The mirror directs the projection to different positions, offering impressive flexibility. In trials, its remarkable reach on ceilings and side walls felt like directing a substantial tripod-mounted projector. This cutting-edge technology not only provided a cost-effective alternative but also delivered unmatched flexibility, ensuring an enchanting experience for future projects.” explains Simonas Šileika the artist and owner of Guliveris – motion design studio.



Situated in a historical palace, the Museum of Light invites visitors to embark on a captivating fusion of scientific exploration and artistic wonder. It boasts fascinating light installations, mind-bending illusions and an atmosphere that ignites curiosity and excitement. Spanning 1000m2, the museum’s exhibition space showcases the harmonious convergence of light art, optical wonders and world-changing inventions. The exceptional educational experience is further enriched by interactive entertainment, including drawing with light, crafting personalized light installations and unforgettable moments in a UV room.

The Museo della Luce, initiated by the Museum of Illusions team at UAB Tiesios Kreivės, is committed to creating captivating educational experiences. With a successful five-year operation in Vilnius, Lithuania, UAB Tiesios Kreivės has expanded by introducing franchise museums in different cities. Their franchise offering provides comprehensive support, including exhibit installation, team training, and ongoing consultations, making it easy for entrepreneurs to open a Museum of Illusions in their city. The brand represents quality, excellent service and a commitment to ongoing research and innovation in illusions and exhibits.



Simonas Šileika’s innovative use of the Mirror Head by Dynamic Projection Institute at the Museum of Light in Rome showcases a remarkable blend of artistry and technology. The installation, enriched by the artist’s creativity and the transformative capabilities of the Mirror Head, offers visitors a unique and unparalleled experience that redefines the boundaries between art and technology. A new era of artistic exploration and innovation starts here, where the power of technology enhances our appreciation of art in captivating ways!


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