Bruegel’s very own Renaissance – Skullmapping

Bruegel’s very own Renaissance – Skullmapping

Skullmapping about the dynamic projection.

“The Mirror Head is a lot of fun to play around with and creatively, there still are a lot of possibilities that have not been touched, I definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in mapping or augmented reality. All of us have become used to seeing mapping projects on all types of objects, but to see characters moving freely over multiple walls, ceiling and even floors with just one projector and a discreet setup is magical!”

Skullmapping is strong in the cultural scene: creating yet another great experience at the Brussels Airport rediscovering Bruegel. After bringing colour to his engravings and life to his creatures, a beautiful hyperlapse will walk you through the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, to discover the location of the original painting “The Fall of the Rebel Angels’.

With the Panasonic PT-RZ21K laserprojector and the Mirror Head MH14, Skullmapping managed yet another storytelling prowess, to entertain the travellers at the Brussel’s airport 7 days a week for a whole year.

Written and directed by Filip Sterckx, 3D Modeling and animation Filip Sterckx, Antoon Verbeeck, Birgit Sterckx, Paulina Zybinska, Cedric Hermans for Toerisme Vlaanderen.