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MDC / MDC-X Downloads, Documentation & FAQ

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MDC-X / MDC-Touch Manuals

MDC-X / MDC / MDC-Touch Updates – Version 9005

Important Information: Support and updates for all generation 8900 systems are no longer available. Please update your system to generation 9000 (see “Complete system update to generation 9000 / re-installation “).

Generation 9000 Update package – Version 9005 – September 2019

WARNING: This is ONLY for generation 9000 systems! If your MDC-Launcher shows a Version number smaller than 9000 or no version number at all you have to update your system to generation 9000 – see below!

Install: Download the .deb package, copy it on to the MDC-X system and double click it; choose “install package”. You can find the password for the installation in the MDC-X QIG on page 15, same as for remote connections. After the installation has been finished you have to reboot the system! After the reboot you will find the version number directly on the MDC-Launcher Version Screenshot.

  • Download Update 9005 (September 2019): mdcx-software-9005.deb (You MUST reboot TWICE after the installation!)
  • MD5: e72a54495325f5788d267fe282739306 mdcx-software-9005.deb
Version 9005 changelog
* Fixed NoMachine Resolution issues
* Resolution Support for DQ170 Models
* Updated MDC-X Art-Net fixture
* New DMX fixtures for DPI products
* Experimental Web File Manager
* New MDC Version MDC V1 - Rev 2019-09-24 12:40 (4baefaa) - various minor enhancements
* MDC-Touch enhancements for launch control, mirror movement and output preview
* New set of testpatterns in Videos/
* Sample sound files in Music/
* New MDC-Launcher features: DMX workbench and change for desktop backgrounds
* Generic OSC can now be enabled/disabled
* Updated QLC fixtures
* MDC now always starts in play mode when in programming mode
* Added scheduler templates
* More information in sysinfo.txt and log dumps
- You MUST reboot TWICE after the installation!

Complete system update to generation 9000 / re-installation 

With this installation you will reset your MDC-X to the latest factory default installation.

Please note that:

  • The installation system is for professional use only – we recommend using the upgrade/restore service we offer; for more information please contact our office.

The installation system works only with MDC-X hardware models with serial numbers starting with (see the backside of the MDC-X): DS81…. , DS87…., DH170…. Or DH370….

Required Downloads and Information:

MDC Trial Version for Windows 7/8/10 (32/64bit)

Mirror Head DMX fixture for QLC+

(Must be installed into the QLC fixture directory!)

MDC-X DMX fixture for QLC+

(Must be installed into the QLC fixture directory!)

Mirror Head ArtNet control examples


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!