ASO Caldera Hike. Kumamoto’s Wildlife in the city!

ASO Caldera Hike – Kumamoto’s wildlife in the city!

Take a hike in the middle of the train station’s waiting area and discover the wilderness of Kumamoto / Japan. The installation was meant to draw the attention of the travelers on the incredible nature surrounding the city.


This immersive installation represents the mountain rings so familiar to the locals and invites visitors and travelers to learn a bit about the ecosystem of the region. A beautiful project commissioned by the city of Kumamoto: using the traditional starting point for all tourists to get information and transforming it into this beautiful attraction. With a BARCO UDX-4K32 projector and the Mirror Head MH29, the result is mesmerizing.


The outdoor enclosure manufactured by the well known firm Tempest allowed the Mirror Head to be safe from any weather changes without decreasing its capability.

Client: JR Kumamoto City – Amu Plaza Kumamoto

Planning / Directing: NAD (Nikken Activity Design lab) & PARTY

System design / Construction:  S.C.ALLIANCE & BASSDRUM

Dynamic Projection Institute Japan: Universal Business Technologies Corp.