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Showreel 2017 – Promote yourself.

Dynamic Projection Institute – Showreel 2017

In the future companies in all industries will have to use new technologies to promote their products and services.Whether you use projections for retail, exhibitions, presentations, big scale building projections, art or other applications, the projections can be moved up, down, left and right to reach certain angles that are not in the projection range for statically positioned projectors.

The Mirror Head is a perfect tool using new technologies. Enjoy our Reel #2017!

Dynamic Projectionist for the future energy.
International Exhibition Expo – 2017 Astana.

The EXPO 2017 hosted by Astana, Kazakhstan and is open to the public for 93 days, from 10th June until 10th September 2017, about 3 million visitors will be expected. More than 100 countries and international organizations participate and present their achievements, ideas and solutions relating to the exposition’s chosen theme “Future Energy”.

The “Energy in Our Nature” Pavilion of Latvia is presented by advanced technologies, dynamic projections and multimedia exhibits oriented towards the future. The Pavilion guests can feel, see and hear Latvia as if they were visiting the country. Synergy between architecture, art and technologies makes the Latvian Pavilion at EXPO 2017 to memorable experience for Visitors.

Our Partner, REVERIE Trading Group Ltd. was appointed to engineer and deliver the complete audio-visual installation and video show direction of the Latvian Pavilion at Expo 2017 Astana.

“The technical equipment includes 3 EPSON EB-L1105U laser and 2x EB-G7905U projectors, Wings VIOSO, AVIO and MDC-X media server. The Epson G series is used together with the Mirror Head – MH13, MDC-X2 and JCD boxes. All videos, Mirror Head projections and video walls are synchronized in one 30” show which represents Latvian culture, innovations, education opportunities and main “Energy in Our Nature” ideas” says Mārtiņš Priedītis, CEO of REVERIE Trading Group Ltd.

The direction of the Latvian pavilion decided to combine the energy of the future with future technologies. The eye – catching show is introduced by a Mirror Head intro and continues with the Story of future energy in Latvia, considering the people and the events. A final 16 minutes Mirror Head show including projections on the walls, floors and projection mappings on irregular shapes delivers an inspiring visual experience for the entire audience.

REVERIE Trading Group Ltd.  is one of the first developers of creative audiovisual presentations and interactive technology in the Baltics. It provides audio-visual systems integration, offers interactive multimedia solutions, digital media content creation and is supplier for conference, control and presentation equipment. In 2016 REVERIE became a distribution partner of our products in the Latvian market. Since then it has provided high professional assistance for our customers in the area.

Since 2009, the company formed by a creative and ambitious team of professionals is one of the leading representatives of communication Industry in Latvia and the Baltic States. Innovative and creative approach, effective solutions – One-stop-shop principle – transparent policies and customer loyalty are key points for the company’s success.

Expo 2017 Astana:

Pavilion of Latvia:

REVERIE Trading Group Ltd:

The perfect virtual companion.
Interactive, social and entertaining.

Did you ever imagine a penguin welcoming you while you enter a shop? Could you imagine being guided by a new kind of virtual personal assistant through a museum? Well, there are some new dynamic projection ideas out there worth sharing with you!

Matsuko, a Slovakian based creative studio, got in touch with us after seeing the “Gallery Invasion” video. They immediately got convinced of the fact that they would be able to use the Mirror Head to create games and mixed reality experiences. The company brings together a group of creative gamers, programmers, designers and technology enthusiasts under the lead of Matus Kirchmayer who has more than fifteen years of experience with 3D, A.I. and online programming.

Being on a continuous look out for new hardware, Matsuko tries to integrate state-of-the-art technology to bring video games and animations into the real world, furthermore into retail and other commercial applications. The tools manufactured by Dynamic Projection Institute caught their attention and since they usually use pre-prepared animations, moving the projections around on several surfaces by integrating the Mirror Head adds value to creating new display methods.

At the time when they first heard of the Mirror Head, Matsuko was already working on a concept where animated penguins could work for museums and the retail industry. More precisely, the concept was that a penguin could become a virtual tour guide or personal shop assistant. The ideal locations, applications, would be in museums and shops where for example a group of visitors would be guided through an entire exhibition or in a shop where clients would enter to be welcomed by a virtual assistant.

“In the case of a virtual receptionist, it will not always be a penguin,” says Peter Urban, Product Manager at Matsuko. He also mentions that other animated characters will be developed in the long-run to reach other target audiences. “We are applying artificial intelligence to create personalized interactive companions that can communicate naturally with humans and assist them.”

Currently in the retail industry, every shop would be interested in such a concept because these smart companions are virtual robots with holographic bodies. Instead of a penguin, you could imagine being welcomed by an animated character that could also look cartoon-like. As Matsuko works directly with the end-users as well as offers their services through their partner companies, they are also able to provide custom-built concepts and characters to match all client needs.

If you are looking for a partner to bring augmented reality to your museum or shop, we strongly recommend getting in touch with the team as they will be able to recommend an ideal solution for you to integrate our tools in your environment.

©2017 Matsuko, Games, A.I. & Mixed Reality | Creative Technology Studio



Pipilotti Rist brings Mirror Head to New York.
Pixel Forest – 4th Floor To Mildness.

Internationally renowned visual artist and pioneer of video art and multimedia installations, Pipilotti Rist, currently is exhibiting her work at the New Museum in New York City and she is using the Mirror Head system to fascinate all visitors reaching the 4th Floor To Mildness.

The exhibition titled Pixel Forest takes viewers into unexpected, all-consuming encounters with textures, forms, and functions of the living universe around them. Her show occupies the three main floors of the museum and includes pieces of her work from as early as the 1980’s.

In this new installation, Pipilotti Rist reveals the connections between the development of her art and the evolution of contemporary technologies. Ranging from the television monitor to the cinema screen, and from the intimacy of the smartphone to the communal experience of immersive images and soundscapes, the exhibition charts the ways in which Rist’s work fuses the biological with the electronic in the ecstasy of communication.

Courtesy the artist, Hauser & Wirth and Luhring Augustine, Photo: EPW Studio

Thomas Kühne, CEO of Dynamic Projection Institute, has closely collaborated with her over the years and continuously keeps on working together to realize new projects. For this representation, Pipilotti chose to integrate the newest generations of Mirror Head units into her show and has plans to further re-locate her installation next in Sydney, Australia.

The popularity of the exhibition has lead the New Museum in New York to extend its opening hours and you still have the chance to visit the Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest until the 17th of January 2017.

Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest
Installation views of ‘4th Floor to Mildness’
New Museum, New York NY
25 October 2016 – 8 January 2017
Courtesy the artist, Hauser & Wirth and Luhring Augustine
Photo: EPW Studio


#TheMH14 product demonstration,
Everyone is impressed.

Last month during the Panasonic roadshows in Paris, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, the Mirror Head 14 was demonstrated for the first time to potential customers. This was an eye catcher for each attendee walking by the hallways and a great way to attract people to the booth. The latest model of the Mirror Head allows users to move projection positions and create shows using 3-chip DLP projectors by Panasonic like the PT-DZ21K, PT-DZ21K2, PT-RQ13K, PT-RZ12K Series.

Dynamic Projection Institute has received positive feedback and many new requests, so we plan to release a new Mirror Head model that will be available for even bigger projectors, more precisely the PT-DZ31K.


#TheMH14 – A tool the industry has been waiting for.

You can now align and move projection positions and create fascinating shows with 3-chip DLP projectors by Panasonic, like the PT-DZ21K, PT-DZ21K2, PT-RQ13k and PT-RZ12K Series.

“This is not just a gadget”, but a powerful tool for large installations and audiences.

Following concentrated testing cycles during the last couple of months, product development efforts by Dynamic Projection Institute have been focused on delivering to professionals in the field with the one and only, easy to mount, remount and multiple use Mirror Head system, #TheMH14 .

What´s special about the #TheMH14?

* Optimized for professional show integrators. You can easily mount a base plate to any Mirror Head 14 compatible projector. Once mounted, your projector is ready for #TheMH14.

* Ideal for rental and touring.  #TheMH14 is 100% stack frame compatible with a quick, easy and secure mounting done in less than a minute while you are on the road.

* Use your projectors to their full potential.  #TheMH14 is the pair of wings for your projector. Now you can easily move projection positions to reach more surfaces and project bright and colorful content across an entire room.

* It is important to note.  #TheMH14 has been designed and is produced in Austria to ensure a high-level of performance. Dynamic Projection Institute has designed this powerful tool to operate at industry-levels of efficiency and we guarantee accurate projection positioning.




#TheMH14 data sheet: click here to download the PDF.
#TheMH14 tech product sheet: click here to download the PDF.





Make your projections magically interactive.
MDC-Touch, your new best friend!

By using the MDC-Touch you can remotely control the Mirror Head and MDC-X Media Server. Imagine you are a business owner:

  1. Your client walks into your shop,
  2. You click your smartphone or tablet,
  3. Suddenly a projection appears in front of your client,
  4. Surprise, with a very personal touch!

In real time, you can start and stop your projection shows with just one click as well as you can change the projection position and media content that are being projected. With the MDC-Touch, you are also able to modify and launch show automatizations.

MDC-Touch allows customers to remotely control the MDC-X Media Server using any device that has a browser (e.g. smartphones, tablets or desktop computers). As the MDC-Touch developed by Dynamic Projection Institute is a web-interface app, you do not need to install any software or application, simply use any device that has a web-browser.

MDC-Touch – Key Features
• Web-based user interface for any device with browsers (eg. mobile phones, tablet, laptops, etc…)
• Your mobile App to Control the Mirror Head, the Projector and Presets
• Preview all Media with thumbnails
• Your web-based remote control for MDC projects
• Start and stop your projects and playlists with one click.
• Easily switch between automatic and manual shows.
• Multi-user and multitasking system
• “Customer Panel”  for easy grouping of common tasks.
• Responsive Design – Use any screen or any device.

MDC Touch User Manual: click here to download the PDF.


Dynamic Panorama perspectives to any projection.

Dynamic Projection Institute is proud to present its latest video, a permanent installation that was uniquely setup with three Mirror Head units to simultaneously project various images to create different Dynamic Panorama constellations. The precision of the Mirror Head guarantees the alignment of the images in an accurate manner to fit them together. The innovation stands in the fact that these panorama setups can be moved from one surface to another in a matter of a second. Through the release of this tool, all users can now easily project a variety of Dynamic Panorama constellations in a specific room or any other environment and easily move them around.
Location: Linexa Anstalt B2B Showroom, Die Schützenwiese, 9451 Kriessern, Switzerland.

Mirror Head at historical locations.

The architect Hans Hoffer implements Mirror Head Systems in various old Viennese buildings and impressively stages the Dynamic Projection. The exhibition "Idee Europa - 200 Jahre Wiener Kongress" takes place from the 9th June to the 31st October 2015 at the Hofburg, Wiener Hofburgkapelle and the Federal Chancellery in Vienna. In action four Mirror Head Systems with Vivitek Projectors D968U and the Media console MDC-X1 Infos zur Ausstellung:

Application in a Museum

This installation was done for the Lange Nacht der Museen Event in the Vienna Leopold Museum to promote the Giacometti exhibition,, which is open till January 26th. This video demonstrates the "black when move function". Whenever the mirror is turning, the video is set to black. In use are two Mirror Head, each 4000 ANSI Lumens HD projectors and one MDC-X1-V2, Media on demand control – our media server.

Location: Leopold Museum Vienna, Museumsplatz 1, A -1070 Vienna